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Access To Work (AtW)


Date uploaded: Jan 06, 2017
Access to Work is a scheme “managed” by Jobcentre Plus. Its has a simple aim “assist disabled people into work”
this aim is the layered in hundreds of layers of bureaucracy


Access To Work is a government base scheme to assist disabled people in to work.


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+ Conditions for Access to Work

  • 4. Access To Work (AtW) is available to people who have a disability or health condition that is likely to last for 12 months or more.
  • 5. To receive Access To Work (AtW) help the following eligibility conditions must be satisfied. Customers must:

Eligibility conditions for Access to Work in –




In my view Access To Work is a good idea. There is nothing stopping disabled people working. However Access To Work Advisers are rude and quite often have no clue what they are doing.
My adviser said I should use public transport to get to work!
Often what they told me was not what “official” guide said.


See Hear

Clive Mason investigates a government scheme set up to help deaf and disabled people in the workplace, Access to Work.

In the last year it has seen lots of changes directly affecting thousands of deaf people who use the service – with seemingly arbitrary new guidelines introduced then suspended, widely varying settlements for clients, interpreters seeing their maximum hourly rates slashed and claims going unpaid for months on end. Many deaf people are calling for an overhaul, with a government inquiry under way.

How are these changes affecting deaf people in the workplace, and why might they be happening?


Access To Work (AtW) “managed” by Jobcentre who again are managed by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)” ]


As with EVERYTHING good documentation will make raising a complaint (should you feel the need) simple.
A Few quick points…

  • Get everything in writing, either email or letter. This makes denying they advised something almost impossible
  • When communicating with them be super polite.
  • Make extensive notes,The Number you dialed, Names, Dates, Where you transferred? By who, To Whom, What Department, Why Transfered. Note everything. Remember if your in doubt ask them.
    If they are going to fast explain it would be super helpful if they could slow down.

You first have to complain to the Access To Work (AtW) then
Independent Case Examiner who you can complain to if you are not satisfied with Access To Work (AtW)
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman – who you can complain to after ICE

You want to read Complaints Procedure Checked