www.lookingforability.co.uk aims to help people see ability before disability.

www.lookingforability.co.uk is written by people for people, we have no affiliation or support from the orginsations or topics we write about.
We have collated resources from all over to give disabled people information they might be unaware of.

No one at www.lookingforability.co.uk is legaly qualified, and we recommend checking everything found here is still valid.


Using my experience as disabled young man I’d like to collate all the information I have collected over the years into one handy place.
In December 2010 I contracted meningococcal septicaemia. After a LONG recovery at Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability (RHN) & Blackheath.
I came home and tried to carry on with my life as a disabled young man.

However It quickly became apparent that people focused on what I could not do rather than what I could do.

aims to collect other peoples experience, thoughts and ideas.

This will include

Equality Act 2012 / DDA
Two TickDisability Confident
Taxi Card
DLA / ESA / Other Benefits
Mobility Trust / e-Wheels
CEA Card
Access To Work

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